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OERDROID for the simplified use of OER

The Open Educational Resources Learning Management System (OERDROID), is a cloud-based service, that promotes and simplifies the use, reuse, access and distribution of OER.

With the OERDROID anyone can create - within minutes - complex online course using "Upload", "Copy & Paste" and "Drag & Drop" functionalities.

OERDROID has no limits in regards to the number of courses that can be published and the number of users that might join in is unlimited as well. Thus OERDROID is ideal for learning and teaching in schools and universities. OER content placed into the OERDROID can easily be in parts or as a whole reused and reordered to create a number of new OER courses with ease. The OERDROID is intuitive and easy to use and OER online courses are created - by anyone - in just a few minutes.

OERDROID can be used with OER content for any learning and teaching purpose. There can be OER online courses from hobby experts, teacher and trainers as well as from pupils, students and apprentices (Peer-to-Peer learning/teaching). The OERDROID can be used in schools, universities and corporations alongside an existing conventional LMS.

Learn about some of the OERDROID features...

OER Course Creation

Extracted from licenced websites (i.e. Wikipedia). Video URLs are simply dropped in (i.e. YouTube, Vimeo), online presentations (i.e. Slideshare, Scribd, Prezi), Text from Word or similar file types can be typed, dropped or copied in the respective fields. Simply upload images, photos, mp4, mp3, power point presentations or PDF and you are done.

Content Library

The Content Library promotes and simplifies the use, reuse, access and distribution of OER. Mix and match your own OER content or share your OER content and collaborate with other OER Authors to create new OER courses and elements.

Tests / Quizzes

Add feature-rich tests & quizzes to your courses and course elements. Students take the test/quiz right from the course pages and see instant results. Alternatively create and deliver comprehensive standalone tests.


Real-time collaborative teaching incl. contributing to courses and course management as well as learning using virtual classrooms.

Social Learning

Networking tools for your (private) learning groups as well collabration with people from around the globe.


Issue Badges and Certificates to participants. Customise the default Certificates or simply create your own.

Virtual Classroom

A true collaborative teaching and learning experience. Deliver interactive live classes and workshops.

Whiteboard Support

What would be teaching and learning without a BlackBoard... Enjoy a feature rich Whiteboard for your online teaching.

Video Conferencing / Webinars

Host Webinars and Video Conferences for your students at any time. WebRTC based supporting HD Audio and Video.

Responsive Layout

A clean and modern responsive theme optimised for (almost) any device - Mobile, Tablet, Web.

Centralised Administration

All in one place - a powerfull dashboard to manage all your OER Content, courses, tests, assessements, reports, students and learning groups.

Cloud based SaaS

You concentrate on teaching and learning and we take care of the OERDROID technology. Enjoy a fully managed and hosted service.

The use of OERDROID is FREE for individuals, schools and universities.
Corporate users will pay a reasonable monthly fee. Corporate fees are utilised to sponsor the free use of OER learning and teaching for individuals, schools and universities as well as for ongoing and future development of OERDROID.

Best of 2017 e-Learning

"Congratulations, your innovative IT solution - OERDROID - convinced the jury and belongs to the best of the INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT 2017 in the "e-Learning" category".

"...The Initiative Mittelstand awards the INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT 2017 to particularly innovative IT solutions with high value for small and medium-sized businesses... ...The excellent product convinced the jury and belongs to the top group of this year's INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT. The Initiative Mittelstand thus offers especially recognition to innovative solutions that make medium-sized companies fit for a successful digital future..."

Best of E-Learning - Innovationspreis-IT 2017

Open Educational Resources (OER)

What are Open Educational Resources (OER) and how can they be utilized for learning and teaching?

Open Educational Resources (OER) are freely accessible, openly licensed documents and media that are useful for teaching, learning, and assessing as well as for research purposes. It is the leading trend in distance education/open and distance learning domain as a consequence of the openness movement. Although some people consider the use of an open file format to be an essential characteristic of OER, this is not a universally acknowledged requirement.

The development and promotion of open educational resources is often motivated by a desire to curb the commodification of knowledge and provide an alternate or enhanced educational paradigm.Source: Wikipedia)

Orr, D., M. Rimini and D. van Damme (2015), Open Educational Resources: A Catalyst for Innovation, Educational Research and Innovation, OECD Publishing, Paris. » DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1787/9789264247543-en

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OERDROID is an extended version of the Open Source Sofware OER LMS - oerlms.org.